dacor microwaveDacor Microwave Repair Service.

When you find yourself having trouble, just call us for your Dacor microwave repair. We’ll get it fixed in no time. We understand that your microwave is an important appliance in your kitchen and not a day goes by where you don’t use it. There are so many things your microwave is useful for that if it breaks you have trouble with other tasks in your  kitchen routine. There’s so much you can do with just one little appliance. You can pop in a quick snack, heat up leftovers, defrost meat, and completely cook an array of different foods. It’s no wonder why it’s a must in practically all American kitchens. It’s versatile, compact, and useful inso many ways. Did you know you could even disinfect sponges and toothbrushes with you microwave? Yes, you heard that right! There are virtually no limits as to what your microwave can do. Especially with a brand like Dacor you get all that and so much more. Dacor offers several different models and sizes, depending on what you are looking for. They have standard and convection models, built-in and countertop, and 24” and 30.” So no matter what kind of oven you’re looking for you’ll definitely find something with Dacor.

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And when you need a Dacor microwave repair, you can come to us at Dacor Service Center. Before the day ends, you’ll have your microwave repaired and ready to go. Unlike other kitchen appliances that may be fixed by you, microwaves are more complex and require someone with training and experience. Our technicians are completely competent and highly qualified to take care of your appliances. Especially when it comes to Dacor appliances, not just anyone can figure out what needs to be repaired. Dacor appliances are much more complex than other appliances and demand a keen eye. We are proud to employ only the best Dacor appliance repair technicians because we know that our customers deserve the best repair care. What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that our service men continually update their know-how. Just because they completed their training doesn’t mean there is nothing more to know. There are constantly newer and more advanced models of microwaves introduced in the market. And to keep up with the demand, our technicians must get re-certified to accommodate all our customers. So no matter if you have an older model or a newer model microwave you can be sure that our technicians got you covered. Just like health care providers are required to renew their license, so do our technicians. In a sense we are doctors for your appliances. This is not something that all repair shops require of their technicians, but that’s exactly what sets us apart from everyone else. Our continued efforts to better serve our customers.

Dacor appliances are a wonderful addition to your kitchen. It is definitely an essential part of any modern kitchen and has many useful functions to help serve you. Dacor microwaves stand above the rest with their unique features to accommodate you and your family. Each model will vary in its features, but the ones that really stand out are: large turntable, sensor technology that adjusts time and temperature for the most popular dishes, two-level cooking rack, child safety lock, warming mode that keeps food warm for up to 30 minutes, auto start option which lets you set the time you want it to start, menu options to assist you in meal preparation, and several defrost options depending on type food and weight. See if other brands can compare to what Dacor has to offer.

Sometimes even Dacor microwaves may run into some trouble after long use. Some common problems that may require you to schedule a Dacor microwave repair may be one or more of the following: buzzing and burning inside the oven, rusty spots, failing internal fan, and the door won’t open and close properly. Once you notice any of these problems with you microwave, give us a call right away. We will be able to give you an appointment that best suits your schedule. And we have many locations in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Nothing will stand in the way of giving our customers the attention they deserve.

There are also ways in which you can keep your microwave working like new and keep you from needing a Dacor microwave repair in the first place. Try to use the least amount of power that you can. When heating dishes, give a few quick stirs in between to make sure heat is evenly distributed. Always use microwave safe dishes to avoid breakage and to keep harmful chemicals from leaching into food. And above all, never operate your microwave with metals. Doing so will cause sparks and may permanently damage the appliance. Being a responsible owner will ensure that your appliances stay with you for as long as possible.

Even when you take great care of your microwave, accidents may still happen and you may  need a Dacor microwave repair. That’s no cause for worry. Just call us and we’ll be there to help you out. We have the experience and many happy customers that will testify how great we are. After all, no matter how much we claim we know, it is our customers who provide the most honest reviews of our work. And we are completely sure that all our customers have been satisfied with us. Don’t wait a minute longer and call us for your appointment (800) 520-7059.


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