dacor range repairDacor Range Repair Service

When you need a Dacor range repair, call us right away at our Dacor Service Center. You depend on your trusty range to create a large array of dishes for you and your family. It’s probably one of the most important appliances in your entire kitchen. With three different sizes, there is something available for just about any kitchen. Dacor currently offers 30,” 36,” and 48” ranges that will perfectly accommodate your kitchen space. Depending on your preferences, they also have ranges by fuel type including dual-fuel, electric, gas, and induction within their product line-ups. So there’s no need to look anywhere else when you need to buy a quality range. Dacor has a reputation for creating appliances that are both intelligent and beautiful. You don’t have to compromise one for the other when you have both built in. But the real star of the show is the unique features of these ranges. Some features worth mentioning are: iQ Controller which enables you to connect it to your tablet to always be connected with your cooking; a control panel that tilts to allow you to view it easily; iQ remote that lets you control your range or oven right from your mobile device; specially designed hinges that prevent the oven door from slamming; automatic hold, which switches the oven into warm mode to keep food from getting cold; and of course, a self-cleaning feature that leaves your oven spotless. All these features allow you to use your range harmoniously. So what happens when things take a wrong turn? That’s where we come in.

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Anytime you need a Dacor range repair, you don’t need to look further. We are available all across Los Angeles and it surrounding neighborhoods to give Dacor owners quality repairs. We realize that from so many brands out there you chose a Dacor for a reason: for its durability, quality, and craftsmanship. So you also expect the same level of expertise from your Dacor repairmen. Dacor Service Center technicians are highly trained and have years of experience on the job. They are masters at their craft and they know what they are doing. Each and every Dacor appliance repair  technician is licensed and certified so you trust that whoever arrives will do a professional job.

Some common problems you may encounter with your Dacor range are: burners do not stay on or abruptly turn off; inconsistent heating in oven resulting in food that is partly over-cooked and partly undercooked; hinges do not function as smoothly; control panel does not respond when touched; and range/oven do not get as hot as they used to. No matter how simple or complex the issue you can only expect the best Dacor range repair from us. Just to put your mind at ease, let us give you a little bit of background information about us. Before we employ a technician at Dacor Service Center, we make sure that they successfully complete their training program and receive their certification. They also must participate in an internship to ensure that all that they have learned they utilize appropriately. Also what sets us apart from other repair shops is that our technicians are continually updating their skills to keep up with the latest technology in appliances. There are new models coming out frequently and we want to make sure that they are as familiar with the new ones as they are with the old ones. So don’t risk putting your prized appliances in the hands of someone who isn’t completely sure of what they are doing. Instead call the experts for your Dacor range repair.

Just call us and we can get you an appointment as soon as you need it. Even if it’s same day or on the weekend, it’s no problem for us. We understand that your appliances are an important part of your daily life and if something breaks down, it can wreak havoc on your schedule. Don’t let that happen. We can fix everything right up in a mere few hours. Also, our technicians are there to be helpful, so never hesitate to as questions. You as the owner can do a lot to help prolong the life of your appliances. The better care you take, the less repairs you will need and, in turn, you will own it for a longer period of time. Simple steps you can take are ridding your range of grease build-up, which is highly flammable, and checking the door hinges to ensure they are not worn out. Some of it may be tedious work but in the end it’s worth it and saves you a lot of money. Before you are even faced with a Dacor range repair, may we also suggest getting regular maintenance check-ups? When you hit a certain number of miles, you change the oil in your car to keep your car running smoothly, right? Well same principle here. Our Dacor  repair service technicians can assess your appliances and make minor adjustments so you aren’t faced with a huge repair. It’s a way to help make sure that all of your appliances are working like they’re supposed to.

So what are you waiting for? Call us for your Dacor range repair and you’ll become one of our many satisfied customers. Even if you still aren’t convinced, we challenge you to ask around. Ask your neighbors, your relatives, your co-workers, or your friends and they will all tell you that there is no better choice out there than Dacor Service Center to assist you in getting your appliances in working order. The sooner you call, the quicker you will be able to use your Dacor range again. Contact us now (800) 520-7059 and you’ll feel the difference in our work.


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